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Software Overview

The Espion software has been designed to help interrogate the visual system layer by layer to provide objective assessment of macular, pan-retinal and optic nerve function. It not only performs all the standard ISCEV clinical vision tests but is also capable of performing new tests as they are developed. Based around a fast PC running Windows and written in conjunction with leading experts in the field, it incorporates into its design many aspects that are very desirable for electrophysiology including a proper client/server SQL database, advanced normal selection, fully programmable protocols, digital filtering, automatic report generation and proper diagnosis facilities. The software supports multiple external stimulators with options for expansion as technology changes.


Software updates are currently available free of charge via this web-site. if you find any bugs, or have ideas for new features, please contact us directly.

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Below are some of the many features included in the software. For more information about what is possible, download the brochure.

  • Support for all standard ISCEV tests including VEP, ERG, PERG, EOG
  • SQL relational database supporting multi-client/server environments
  • No limit to the number of records stored
  • Multiple operator modes, for different levels of access
  • Fully touch screen based, no mouse or keyboard required
  • Almost every parameter in the software is configurable
  • Sophisticated patient records including user definable fields, filters, and search facilities
  • Built in password security with CFR 21 part 11 support coming soon
  • Standard ISCEV protocols supplied
  • New protocols can be defined for both clinical and research
  • Full control of data acquisition, stimulus, filtering and marker parameters including user definable stimulus output files
  • Automatic rejection, peak/trough detection and measurement
  • Many views of the recorded data including overlaying, channel comparison and trends
  • Printing is WYSIWYG with control of graphical content, color, regions, scaling etc.
  • Highly configurable export of data to ASCII file, graphics metafile or clipboard for further analysis in Excel or SigmaPlot or other 3rd party software product e.g. Matlab

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