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Reinventing Vision Testing
Welcome to the Diagnosys web-site

Diagnosys is a world leader in providing Visual Electrophysiology systems and associated products for both clinics and research establishments. These systems are used both clinically to diagnose ophthalmic conditions including visual function testing as well as in vision research and drug trials.

If you are interested in visual function testing, or researching into visual pathways with either animals or humans, then this is the web site for you.

Espion Electrophysiology System

At the heart of the Diagnosys electrophysiology system is the Espion. This is an advanced modular system allowing it to support a wide variety of stimulators for different types of visual test.

Clinical Function Testing

The Espion system was designed from the ground up to easily perform all the current standard clinical visual function tests, ERG, VEP, PERG, Focal-ERG, EOG, Flash-VEP, Dark Adaptometry tests (depending on stimulator options). Being very portable, it allows the clinician to take the equipment to the patient, and even into the operating theater.

Vision Research

The software and hardware includes a multitude of extra features that make it ideal for research purposes in both human and animal environments. New protocols can easily be created with the ability to configure almost every stimulus, acquisition, amplifier and marker parameter way in excess of the clinical standard. Finally, new features and options can be added at customer request to help make the equipment fulfill your research requirements.

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